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Master's Message - January 2018

My Brothers,

IN THE BEGINNING . . . AND THERE WAS LIGHT. And here we are at the beginning of another New Year. One that I intend to bring a great deal of Masonic Light to. As you heard at our recent installation, one of my goals as Your Master is to bring Masonic Light to the Craft every day of my tenure to coincide with the 360 points or degrees of the compass.

Being a fraternity that is steeped in allegory and symbolism, I will take the opportunity over the next several months (a compass point each month) to draw allegorical relationships between the points and directions of the compass as it may (or not) relate to Masonry. It will be up to you, Brothers, to determine if those relationships exist through your own allegorical conclusions. I hope that these messages will “Challenge” you with the opportunity to expand your wealth of knowledge. So here it goes:

The compass is comprised of 4 Cardinal directions or points, which are North, South, East, and West. All of which are located at right angles to one another and rotate in a clockwise direction. We, as Masons, are taught of the value of each of the directions, as they relate to the Officers of the Lodge.

“East is the direction toward which the Earth rotates about its axis, and therefore the general direction from which the Sun appears to rise. The practice of praying towards the East is older than Christianity, but has been adopted by this religion as the Orient was thought of as containing mankind's original home. Hence, some Christian churches have been traditionally oriented towards the east.”

In American Native culture, however, the cardinal symbolism takes different symbolic attributes.

Honoring the East:
“Beginnings, Awakening, Ascension, Vision, Spiritual wisdom. This is where the new beginnings of creation stir at the cusp of dawn. With the rising sun, a dawning of a greater spiritual awareness envelopes us. As the new warmth presses upon us, our own divine spark ignites, and we are aware of far more potential in life than ever before. In this spiritually-focused quadrant, the intangible self-lives vibrantly and scintillates creative wisdom.”

So, My Brothers, these are the thoughts that I wish to begin a new year with. Clearly a new dawning for the Brothers of Durand Lodge and one of the reasons that I am deeply humbled that you have chosen me to sit in THE EAST.

Thank You.


Stephen J.. Hoptay Jr.
Worshipful Master

Brethren, sorry for the confusion. If you owe $166.00 (2018 Dues) or less you are not in arrears in your dues ($48.00 for those paying Grand Lodge assessment only). I missed a small, but important calculation when I did the notices. I forgot to change the setting for this years dues. You are not in the arrears. I will probably be getting many e-mails or phone calls for clarification.

Sorry for any confusion regarding your dues and thank you to those who contacted me with the error.

G. Roger Woodman
Durand Lodge No. 179