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Master's Message - September 2017

My Brothers,

As you may have seen, 2 of our Brothers have been awarded the Legion of Honor by DeMolay International. Please join me in congratulating Right Worshipful D. Melville Russen, Jr. DDGM and Brother Andrew Strucek on receiving this esteemed honor.

The Legion of Honor, conferred on Brother Strucek, is the highest honor conferred by DeMolay International upon a Senior DeMolay for outstanding leadership in some field of endeavor, or for success in fraternal life, including adult service to the Order of DeMolay. No one may apply for this distinction, and a nominee, or the membership of a Chapter, must have no knowledge of the recommendation by the Advisory Council.

The Honorary Legion of Honor, conferred on RW Brother Russen, is conferred upon a Mason who is not a Senior DeMolay, but has performed unusual and meritorious service in behalf of the Order of DeMolay or who has evidenced a spirit of cooperation and appreciation for the Order of DeMolay.

I bring this to your attention, not to single out these worthy brethren, but to challenge you to think about how you are representing the craft. Awards and honors are nice but making a difference in someone else’s life is much more rewarding. There is little that I have enjoyed more over the years than to see how the young boys who have been a part of our Chapter for many years, develop in to fine young men who are the future, not only of our gentle craft, but of our society as well.

I was recently at a conference that was held for marketing executives from nonprofit organizations and the Executive Director from Food for the Poor closed his presentation with something very profound by saying, “When we live a life of purpose, our legacy is eternal.” And that really goes to the core of who we are as Masons and what we do.

My Brothers, consider the ways you are making a difference in your community and among your friends and acquaintances and how you are bringing honor to the Fraternity.

Remember my Brothers, as with all things, you get out of Freemansonry what you put into it.

Travel well.


James M. Sestito
Worshipful Master